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Abbi’s World – Tips for Millennials and Homebuyers

Abbi Cleavinger


Abbi's World
The moment that I was thrilled to receive a new trash can and computer software for my birthday I realized I was beginning to breach the barrier into the adult world.

Tearing away yesterday’s Tribune that encased the black disposal bin, I let out a gasp of excitement typically reserved for proposals and the annual re-release of the McRibb. Perhaps I’m just a lame 23-year-old. Or maybe, since having grown back the majority of those brain cells I killed on my 21st, I have come to realize the value in truly useful tools.

Living without a trashcan for over a year is stupid. Being as excited as I was about being gifted one for my birthday was admittedly, quite lame. However, acquiring and appreciating those tools that will help us navigate our way into our futures is not lame. Taking the time to understand what may now seem like distant concepts such as “credit” and “savings”, is important and not lame. Choosing to ignore the impact your student loans will have on your financials does not keep you young.

What started as a summer job scanning papers quickly evolved into a tutorial on adulting. I’ve worked under nearly half a dozen experienced professionals here at Flat Branch Home Loans, all of which have graciously gifted me with a wealth of knowledge. I can now explain trended credit data and work the fax machine. How many millennials can say that? Hopefully if we exclude the former, all of you.

One of the most valuable pieces of information I have learned since working at Flat Branch Home Loans is that getting your financials in order takes time. Establishing credit takes time. Saving money takes time.

You may not be ready to sign a deed on a new white picket beauty just yet but you may find that in a few years you ARE ready. If you’re not prepared you’re going to have a lot more difficulty with the buying process than I can assure you, you would like.

As young adults we are in the midst of wedging our way into the world. I say wedge because we aren’t busting in there like Miley on her wrecking ball. We are slowly but surely working our way in. It’s a clunky process with a major learning curve.

Lucky for you I’m volunteering as our guinea pig. I’ll ask the stupid questions like “If a snail decides to buy a house, do you say rather than escrowing he is escargowing?” That’s not even a stupid question it’s just a very stupid joke. But hey, at least you aren’t the one staking claim on it.

Once a month I’ll fill you in on what my mentors have taught me in 500 words or less. Hopefully we can have a little fun on the way or at least you can relish in the fact that you are likely taking on the adult world with much greater success than I.

Abbi Cleavinger works as an Assistant to Laura Brownfield (NMLS #468540) a Loan Officer in our Downtown Columbia Office. Whether you’re looking to purchase a home or are interested in refinancing, Laura would be happy to assist you! View Laura’s Profile

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