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Country Girl City Girl

Emily Huckaby


Country Girl City Girl
If I were to ask you, where is your mortgage? You might say, “My mortgage is still at __ percent interest and I have __ years until I’m done paying it off.” Since I grew up on a farm but work in the city, I often find myself comparing the similarities between my rural life and my days spent at the office. There are 3 rooms in a dairy barn that I can compare to the status of your loan. By the end, I hope that your loan can be in the “room” that we strive for our clients to be in, right here at Flat Branch Home Loans.

  1. The Grain Room
    There are many types of grain feed that are stored in the barn from sweet feed, to wheat, and even corn. The grain room is full of people that get their loans through world-wide companies, loans that are sold to other bigger companies or bought online. If you don’t know your loan officer or where they are located, you’re in the grain room.
  2. The Hay Loft
    The Hay Loft is stocked once a year with over 500 straw squares bales. They are locked up and kept there until needed. When was the last time your loan officer contacted you about potential savings on your loan? If the only time you have contact with this person is by chance, or because you needed them for a minimal task, you’re in the hay loft.
  3. The Tank Room
    It is imperative that the tank room is organized, cleaned thoroughly daily, and that the milk count that is filtered through the tank is precise. The type of loans in this room are getting checked thoroughly for potential savings and have officers that are constantly perfecting the loan process of every transaction. If this sounds familiar, you must be at Flat Branch Home Loans.

What I’m really asking is, when was the last time you reviewed your loan for savings?

To answer your questions concerning the status of your mortgage, the loan officers at Flat Branch Home Loans are here to help. Emily Huckaby is a Loan Officer Assistant located in our Springfield, Missouri office.

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