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Country Girl City Girl

Emily Huckaby


Country Girl City Girl
The beautiful country sunrise peeping through my bedroom window wakes me every morning. It’s time to start my day. My role on our “farm team” is to complete a list of morning chores on our farm. My husband is also on my “farm team”, and he is off doing his chores. I go to the kitchen and get hot water running for the three gallons of milk needed to feed our 25 bawling baby calves who are ready for their first feeding of the day. Sliding into my rubber boots I head to our front pasture where the calves stay in their hutches. After finishing I head inside, put my work clothes on and throw off my rubber boots. (Silly, but I don’t think they would look great with my black dress pants!)

My drive time is 45 minutes and that is when I ponder all the exciting activities of my day at Flat Branch Home Loans and my “office team.” As I get closer to the city, the country sky is in my rear view mirror and I begin planning my day and activities with my team. Who is my team at Flat Branch Home Loans? In the mortgage lending industry we have those who originate loans or the “sales team” and those who process all the documentation, following all those zesty regulations we have (“operations team”.) My job is to support our sales team in Springfield, MO. I make sure you, yes you, reading this blog have heard about Flat Branch Home Loans and all of the hard work that we do each day as a team to help many people become homeowners. Our customer service, our knowledge of products, and our willingness to always have the customers best interest at heart is what sets us apart from others in our industry. We have fair pricing and we close on time! We are experts in our field. There are millions of companies that say they can do what we do. But no one can do it like us! From the time of your application all the way until year 2046 we will be there, with a helping hand and a smile on our face.

Driving home each evening with the country sunset ahead of me, I reflect on my day and I start to think about what will need completing when I get home. I pull into the drive and I hear my bawling babies again and I realize…… this would be so much easier if I would have brought my “office team” home with me.

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