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Credit Scores and Qualifying for a Mortgage

Shawn Von Talge


In case you hadn’t noticed the world of lending has vastly changed the last 3-4 years. One of the major factors caught up in that change is credit scores and thus the risk assessment that equates to a particular score. In the past there were programs that allowed down to at least a 580 score and home financing was still attainable. However, given the current economic climate (at least on a national level) the minimum middle credit score necessary to attain financing is 640. Like many other items there are, at times, exceptions to this guideline but for the most part that is the “benchmark” point at which most financing can be attained.
It’s important to monitor your score at least once a year) and at the same time be fiscally responsible in paying your creditors. There are a lot of moving pieces when analyzing credit; way too many to cover in a single post. But rest assured, the Mortgage Bankers at Flat Branch are affluent in what these factors are. It’s not uncommon for us to provide guidance on credit challenges and what a particular individual needs to do to reach the desired score and thus realize the dream of home ownership.
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Shawn Von Talge

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