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Lender Spotlight – Kelle Walters

Kelle Walters
Interesting stories from different people, different backgrounds, different jobs and different families – that is what makes Kelle Walters enjoy her job so much at Flat Branch Home Loans.

Investing in a home can be your best financial investment ever made and Kelle knows the sense of pride and independence it brings to her clients. And, since rates are so low – this is the time to take advantage of this investment!

Flat Branch Home Loans is the perfect company to work with because we are small enough to give that extra special touch, small enough that we can talk with each other and help each other. And, we are big enough that we can be competitive for our clients, have a strong presence and a reliable reputation that we can all be proud of!

With lots of title industry experience under her belt, another really successful lender approached her and convinced her to give the mortgage industry a try. 15 years later and lots of mortgage lending experience Kelle has just about seen it all and that means she is a great lender too!

Kelle knows time with family is precious and is what makes her smile. But she also has a love for extreme landscaping. Her fun fact: She and her husband are on year 3 of a major landscaping makeover!

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