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Lender Spotlight – Scott Batt

Scott Batt
Serving Military families has always been really important to Scott Batt and Flat Branch Home Loans allows him to do just that. Recently honored with “BEST Lender of Pulaski County”, Scott Batt is fulfilling that mission of serving many our military families at Fort Leonard Wood.

Working in the mortgage industry for 15 years, 9 of them at Flat Branch Home Loans, Scott brings expertise, understanding, and patience to the home buying process. A process that is sometimes hard to navigate for a lot of people.

Working for a highly respected company, and with people that Scott is close to, and has personal relationships with are two reasons why he works for Flat Branch. He is close personal friends with Jim Yankee, the owner, and his wife, Daisy, works by his side as one of his loan assistants. Scott shares: “since this business is so demanding of your time, it is important to have the people you love around you”. And since Scott never wants his clients to be just a number, he knows he can depend on the people he works alongside will treat his clients the same way he would.

One thing most people don’t know about Scott is at one time he was overweight and had really bad asthma. Big Tree Cycling brought a change to all of that. He cycles because it is a social way to stay fit and his teammates are like- minded professionals who also have the same work-life balance.

A funny story about Scott is about his very first dog, Jackson, which he got with Daisy. At the time, Scott was selling vacuums door-to-door. One client wanted the vacuum so bad that he offered one of his puppies as a trade in. Scott gave him a discount and he brought home the cute black lab puppy where he has been a big part of Scott’s life and best bud ever since.

Fun Fact: Scott loves pizza and would prefer to eat it every single day – what kind you might ask? Pepperoni of course!!

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