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Lender Spotlight – Tom Stone

With over fifteen years of experience in the Mortgage industry, Tom Stone is a knowledgeable, family-oriented man who clarifies the mortgage process for his clients. After working with the Boy Scouts of America, Tom was given the opportunity to start his career in the Mortgage industry, which ultimately led him to Flat Branch Home Loans.

With rates at historical lows, borrowers’ purchasing power is pretty strong. This allows the client to maximize their purchase, and find something that will meet their needs for years to come. Refinancing at these low rates also helps to build wealth. Tom has helped many clients refinance to a 15 year loan that will help set them up to have their home paid off prior to retirement.

Since his time at Flat Branch Home Loans, Tom’s favorite parts have been the variety of clients and never having the same lending experience twice. Tom enjoys educating borrowers about the process, and is grateful his clients allow him this opportunity.

Tom’s wife and two girls keep a smile on his face day to day. He and his wife Sarah are very involved in supporting the Missouri Symphony Society Conservatory. Their love for the arts hold strong throughout the family, as both of Tom’s children play in the orchestra.

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