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Jessica RobertsonJessica Robertson
Senior Mortgage Banker

I have been thinking…

At this time of year we are all reminded of things to be thankful for, we are also thinking of those in need and we engage more with our community to help. It really got me thinking of how grateful I am for the ways my company helps the community and how grateful I am for those who help my personal heart tug, Armani’s Angels.

Let’s start with my company. We have a program called Community Champions. It is designed to help those that help all of us. Here are the details:

  • Those who help us when we are in crisis: 911 Responders, Firemen, Policemen.
  • Those who care for us throughout childhood: K-12 School Nurses.
  • Those who nurture and teach us: School Employees.

Our Community Champion program gives these champions, who help all of us, a big discount on their home loan fees. It is a way to say thank you and a way for us to show gratitude.

Click on this link to learn more: Community Champions

And now, my gratefulness for my dear Armani and those who have assisted in helping all the furry friends we love.

I welcome you to read and listen to Armani’s story and the tragedy that struck a few years ago: Armani’s Story. What I am truly grateful for, besides the friendship I shared with Armani, are the many people who give and support Armani’s Angels. These supporters are the champions for all the furry friends out there who face tragedy and illness and need our help.

We were able to provide the funds needed to help Armani, but many people do not have those funds and it can be really expensive. So, I thought, because I am so grateful, perhaps others would be too. If you would like to support Armani’s Angels during this holiday season, please follow this link and thank you from the bottom of my heart! Give to Armani’s Angels

If you would like to keep tabs on lots of furry happenings with Armani’s Angels, like us on Facebook: Armani’s Angels on Facebook

Jessica Robertson is a Senior Mortgage Banker at Flat Branch Home Loans, learn more at:
Flat Branch Home Loans – Jessica Robertson

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