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Our Construction Loan Program is Here!

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Construction Loan Program

Flat Branch Home Loans is proud to announce the addition of construction loan financing to our existing array of mortgage programs. Like all of our other products the construction loan program will be originated, underwritten, and funded in-house. This means that you can now look to Flat Branch Home Loans as a one stop shop for building your dream home and securing competitive end-loan financing terms all at one place.

By having full control over the entire process (from construction inception to final end-loan terms), our construction loan program will truly provide our clients with unparalleled flexibility, efficiency and transparency without all of the typical hassles that prevent this from being the case in the traditional construction lending process. What’s more–once the borrower has closed on the construction loan and the end-loan process begins several months down the road, all Flat Branch Home Loan origination charges are waived. Our aim here is to help reduce the borrower’s costs when it comes time to secure the permanent loan (once the construction phase is complete). Below are a few additional highlights of the program:

▸ Minimum required credit score of 680

▸ Primary residence, owner-occupied transactions only

▸ Flexible terms

▸ Efficient draw and cost-tracking software

▸ Lot Purchase included is ok

▸ Extended Rate-lock options offered

If you are currently in the market to build a home, our new construction loan program may be the perfect opportunity to do so. Please feel free to reach out to one of our experienced Mortgage Bankers with any questions you may have.

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