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Our Mobile Site is now live!



Mobile SiteIt’s no secret that in today’s hectic environment many individuals spend a great deal of time on their phones. In fact, a recent study found that the average person spends over 90 minutes per day on their phone. This figure may not seem like that much in and of itself but over the course of a year this totals up to just under 23 days that the average person is using their mobile device.

In order to adapt and provide the best possible experience for our clients and Realtor Partners, Flat Branch Home Loans is proud to announce the formal launch of our new “mobile-friendly” website!

From your mobile device just visit www.flatbranchhomeloans.com and you will be automatically forwarded to a custom-designed mobile version of our website.

Some of the customer-friendly features of our mobile site include:
▸ The ability to apply for a home loan directly with any    of our mortgage bankers
▸ You can request a free mortgage quote with a few    clicks of the mouse
▸ An easy to use mortgage calculator that factors in the current rates of our loan programs    and estimated property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, etc. to give you a total projected    mortgage payment (based on the loan amount and down payment)
▸ Existing customers can use the “Servicing Resources” page to gain access to our client    portal, where they can make online mortgage payments, view recent transactions, and    see additional details about their loan with us
▸ On the “Contact a local office” page you can view address information and get    directions to your local Flat Branch Office. On this page you can tap the “Call” icon    underneath the office you’d like to reach and the phone number will be automatically    copied to your dialing screen.
▸ You can view basic information about all of our loan programs on a single page via an    intuitive dropdown menu
▸ Check out the “More Information” page to view our all of our blog entries and access    our social media pages
In the coming weeks we’ll be working through the process of getting the mobile site added as an “app” in both iTunes and Google Play. For now you can save the site to your phone’s home screen by following a few easy steps:

iPhone Users:
▸ From Safari simply click the icon with the arrow pointing upward
▸ Select “Add to Home Screen”
▸ Our mobile site will now be accessible via an icon just like any other application

Android Users:
▸ From Google Chrome click on the 3 vertical dots in the top-right corner of the window
▸ Select the “Add to homescreen” option
▸ Just like on the iPhone you will now have an icon on your phone for direct access to    our mobile site.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions for our mobile site we’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading!

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