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Opening Doors in Bentonville, Arkansas

Why We’re Branching Out

Being our first location in Arkansas, we’re blessed to have the opportunity to partake in the growth of a small town that isn’t limited in size or dreams. This is exactly why we’re growing our roots from the heart of Missouri to the booming northwest corner of Arkansas. The communities here are galvanizing and truly in a class of their own. You see, we’re big fans of people who care about the success of their community, and we’re here to build upon the dreams they’ve already been nurturing. 

This slice of The Natural State has gorgeous mountain trails and perfect waterways, an extremely low crime rate, a culturally diverse population, and a multitude of activities for both family fun and a night without the kids. All these traits make us true believers in the future of Arkansas and we’re excited to help families get in touch with their own future as they map out plans to move into the Land of Opportunity.

A Glimpse into the New Neighborhood

Bentonville is the hidden gem that will never have a dull spot. With lots to offer both native Arkansans and newly-formed families, you’ll figure out pretty quickly that this ever-growing community is a worthy investment. There’s the old time square with a redeveloped Walton museum, coffee shops by the dozen, retro restaurants, and nature trails less than a block away. For adventurous folks, parks are abundant and nearby bike trails stem from all over the state. Being home to three major companies in the area: Walmart, Tyson and J.B. Hunt, and with the University of Arkansas so close by, there is a robust job market and thriving education system.

How We Plan to Serve

Our local team of loan officers are residents who are unafraid to wear their pride for Bentonville on their sleeves. You might catch them snagging a slice at Gusano’s Pizza or grabbing a bite at Shakey’s. Outside of work, they’re often hiking the highest peaks of The Ozarks or kayaking in the Buffalo River. And in the community, our LOs are teaching classes on first-time homebuying, organizing Arkansas’s first National Association of Hispanic Real Estate professionals, sitting on a variety of Chamber of Commerces and on the board of directors for a scholarship awarded to emerging leaders in Benton County.

Our investment in building the future of Bentonville is an act of appreciation for the hard work Arkansas families put in everyday. Flat Branch Home Loans has long-valued the motto work, play and serve the areas in which we live. Now that we've finally kicked off, we plan to further embolden and support Bentonville with a team already well-acquainted with this determined town.

If you’re interested or have been wondering what your finances can get you, a local Flat Branch Home Loans loan officer is ready for any of your questions about your next chapter.