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Featured Image for Convenient Tracking of Your Home Loan through Our Mobile App!
Shawn Von Talge

Available for both iPhone and Android devices, our mobile app ensures that our valued clients and business partners stay informed throughout the loan process like never before. One of the most exciting capabilities we’ve gained through the mobile app is the ability to send out “push” notifications that contain real-time loan data and file updates as key milestones are reached during the loan process. Listed below are just a few of the push updates we can send out through the app: 

▸ Application Started

▸ File Sent to Processing

▸ File Submitted to Underwriting

▸ Appraisal Ordered

▸ Appraisal Received

▸ Conditional Commitment Issued

▸ File is Clear-to-Close

▸ Initial Closing Disclosure Sent

In addition to receiving push notifications through the app, you can also request a prequalification letter, view payment breakdowns, send an email to your mortgage banker, contact your real estate agent and much, much more!

You can download our mobile app for free by searching for “Flat Branch Home Loans” in your iPhone or Android device’s app store. Alternatively, you can click on the following links to download the app:

Download in the Apple App Store Download in the Google Play Store

We strive to provide you with convenient updates and easy access to your loan information through our Flat Branch Home Loans app!

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