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Coming Soon to Your Flat Branch Mobile App

In an era where digital presence is vital, especially on a mobile-friendly platform, Flat Branch Home Loans has continued to listen to the needs and concerns of not only our clients, but also our referral partners and origination staff. Having a mobile app that is flexible, robust, and adapts to the ever-changing needs of today’s customer is important. With that in mind, we are happy to announce some additional features that have already been implemented, and others that are being developed and set to launch in the coming months.

New Feature: 

Less Waiting On Your Letters

If you are an FBHL buyer, or referral partner of FBHL, you now have the ability to print your own pre-qualification letters. That’s right! If you are on-the-go and need to adjust your offer price, property address, or both, you can now do this directly from the app without help from your mortgage banker.

Features Coming Soon:

Here are some of the new features we are currently developing.

Save Some Trips

Clients of FBHL will soon have the ability to upload certain documents directly into the mobile app, which will go into our loan origination software and automatically notify your mortgage banker of your upload. This type of transparency and ease of communication makes the tasks of securing a mortgage with FBHL extremely efficient.

Mark Your Milestones

FBHL currently notifies clients via “push notifications” at key milestones during the mortgage process. Although these notifications have been met with huge success, we are stepping it up even more and will soon be attaching short animated videos explaining what this milestone means to you! We are extremely excited about the value and excitement this will bring to the mortgage process and those that rely on us to deliver time and time again.

One-Stop Shop

One of the hurdles with mobile applications is it oftentimes requires multiple apps to complete a process. For example, Flat Branch Home Loans currently has one app for originating your loan, and then a second app for you to make payments in the event we service your loan as well. It doesn’t take long to see the problems this may cause. So, with a solution in mind, we are currently in development of merging these applications so that we have one app for everything! One app will serve as the vessel for applying and going through the mortgage process and, at the same time, making your payment and servicing it post-close. One application for a turn-key mortgage process that goes above and beyond making it easy to communicate with you and you with Flat Branch Home Loans.

Part Of Our Mission

Over the last several years we’ve had over 10,000 downloads of our mobile app. This type of commitment has allowed us to better serve our clients and referral partners by providing transparency, accountability and efficiency. As we progress into the later part of 2018 and into 2019, we will continue to improve on these values to deliver a quality mortgage experience that will allow us to help you, whether it’s your first home purchase, your last, or anything in between!