Tuesday, July 18th 2017

Managers & Operations

Patrick BenoistPatrick Benoist | Vice President, Flat Branch Mortgage Services

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According to the FDIC there are 200+ community banks in Missouri. We’re all aware that the loan process has become extremely complex, with each loan deserving a great amount of attention. The operational staff needed to provide the attention has increased. This is a major concern facing the mortgage industry today. After thorough evaluation of the issue, it often boils down to not having the personnel to provide optimum support either due to compliance and regulatory requirements, or to support desired growth. There can be many reasons for this, one being that these local communities lack candidates with experience for the job. Studies have shown that this is an aging industry, with the average age of mortgage professionals ranging in the mid-50s. Another explanation for the looming crisis is a need for training and lack of staff to do the training. Often times, banks can pinpoint a viable candidate, but do not have the resources to adequately train new mortgage department hires. In a very commoditized industry, Flat Branch Mortgage Services has differentiated itself and is pleased to provide the solution to the industry’s dilemma. We are prepared to provide a true partnership—combined with back-office operational support to community banks lacking necessary personnel to satisfy each step of the loan. Flat Branch Mortgage Services understands that time is of the essence with closing dates and regulatory requirements. Whether you do business with a loan closing in our name or yours, we have the operations support that you need. With the client experience at the forefront of our business, Flat Branch Mortgage Services has developed a successful workflow of responsibilities. While typical mortgage companies only offer either broker or correspondent processes, Flat Branch Mortgage Services is unique in that we also offer a correspondent process with processing. Analyzing every step in the loan process from origination to closing, Flat Branch Mortgage Services is able to distinguish what we manage from what clients can manage. This helps our partners navigate the choppy waters of the mortgage industry and provides a direct, efficient solution to the personnel issue at community banks. Anyone can buy a loan, but we are more than just a secondary market outlet. We’re your partner! We live, work and play in the communities we serve.