Thursday, April 5th 2018

Some helpful tips about credit checks and inquiries!

Shawn Von TalgeShawn Von Talge | Vice President, Flat Branch Home Loans

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So, what’s an inquiry? → After applying for credit, you give permission to lenders to “inquire” about your credit report. You can see a list of who has inquired about your credit within your credit report. It’s important to remember that the only inquiries that count towards your FICO scores are the ones that come from applying for new credit.

How and what affects your FICO score?

Rate-shopping and what it means for you in the hunt for your home loan!

When looking for a student, auto or home loan, many lenders may request for your credit report. Don’t worry! FICO scores ignore these inquiries made within the 30 days prior to receiving the loan. So if you find a loan within 30 days of shopping, the inquiries won’t affect your score within the time period.

Improving your score!

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