Flat Branch Home Loans’ Community Champions Program

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Who is eligible?

In order to qualify for this program you must be employed full-time in one of the following professions and be obligated on the mortgage note (i.e. you must be on our loan):

Eligible Programs in Conjunction with Community Champions Lending Program

Program Benefits (Lender credit up to $900):

Loan AmountBenefit
Community Champions$30,000 - $150,000Free Appraisal
Community Champions$150,001+Free Appraisal and waiving of the Flat Branch Home Loans Processing Fee

For over 12 years, Flat Branch Home Loans has served the communities of Missouri by providing home loans. We are more than a financial lender – we have become friends, a part of your family and neighbors within your community. We live, work, and play in the communities we serve. In an effort to give back to the champions of our community, we created a program to help heroes achieve homeownership.

We care about being the fastest and the best price in the industry, but we spend more time focusing on quality, closing your loan on time, and treating our neighbors with competitive and fair pricing. Additionally, we service most of our loans – meaning we stay with you for the life of your loan – ensuring the best customer service for as long as 30 years! We thank our community champions for taking care of our community in our time of need and caring for our children as they navigate this world.

We understand the role our community champions represent and the hard work they put forth in the communities we live, work, play, and serve in every day. They strive to make our communities safe and a positive environment full of growth and prosperity, and we’d like to thank them and show our appreciation with our Community Champions Lending Program. Please consider Flat Branch Home Loans in your home-buying journey, where we intend to provide you with a successful loan process.