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Flat Branch Home LoansHome Ready Programs

HomeReady mortgages are provided through your local Flat Branch Home Loans by Fannie Mae to meet the needs of diverse buyers. The program is designed for creditworthy low & moderate-income borrowers.

Designed with the first time homebuyer in mind, this loan program allows for greater flexibility with credit requirements and a down payment as little as 3%

Home Ready Eligibility

HomeReady Special Features

Fannie Mae recognizes the unique circumstances that may prevent someone from being eligible for home loan qualification. HomeReady hopes to help those folks by offering flexible income choices for creditworthy borrowers. It's a good idea to be equipped with this information, however, you should absolutely reach out to one of our Flat Branch Loan Officers to determine if HomeReady is the right program for you!

Roommate/Boarder Income

Up to 30% of the borrowers qualifying info can come from roommates or boarders assuming you have had a shared living situation for the previous 12 months.

Co-Signer Income

Unlike most other programs, HomeReady allows co-signer income to be used for qualification, even if they don't live in the residence.

Low Down Payment

Only a 3% down payment is required to buy a home with the HomeReady program. Of course, higher credit scores will yield the best rates on the loan. This low down payment includes first time home buyers and repeat buyers.

The 3% payment can come from a down payment gift, like from a relative or parent, a down payment assistance program, like through a grant, community seconds or cash-on-hand, which can help you purchase your home sooner.

Mortgage Insurance

HomeReady loans have affordable and cancellable monthly mortgage insurance (MI). Reduced MI coverage requirement is above 90% loan-to-value (LTV).

For example, 25% MI is applicable for greater than 90% to 97% ratios. Other information regarding guidelines for monthly insurance with HomeReady loans can be accessed through a loan officer. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or state any concerns.

Income Limit Eligibility

If you're curious about the median income in you're area, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Flat Branch loan officer or you can use Fannie Mae's eligibility lookup tool!

Homeownership Education Requirement

Flat Branch Home Loans and the HomeReady program want to make sure you and your family are adequately equipped with the right knowledge when purchasing and moving into your new home. HomeReady mortgage requires a homeownership education requirement which can be taken as an online class, offered by Framework.

Home Ready Programs Highlights