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Moving Tips

Check out some of our helpful tips below!

Green Move

Recycle and reuse your boxes during the move. If your relocation is close, take a couple trips to and from your new home, reusing your boxes to reduce the amount you’ll throw away. Keep in mind, trips to the grocery store or other shops can pose a chance for you to snag some moving boxes and save the ones you may subconsciously throw out on a regular basis.

Stay Organized

Making lists, checking inventory and marking your boxes will help with a smooth transaction into your new home. Keep the stress level low and move-in day under control, because it’s time to relax in your new home!


The moving period of buying a new house is a great time to purge on items that you may not need anymore. Get rid of or donate items that you’ve been meaning to throw away or that believe you won’t need in your new house. Plus, it’ll help reduce the boxes you’ll be moving on move-in day!

Know Before You Go

Maybe you’re relocating with some distance on the horizon. It’s important educate yourself of your new hometown and home location, that way move-in day and the days to follow are easy to navigate. Check out the nearest grocery stores and home improvement stores online or with some friends who may already live nearby. You may need to do some grocery shopping sooner than you think and picking out your paint colors for that new kitchen you’ve been dying to cook in will creep up quick!

Move-in Day!

Whether you and some friends are moving the load or you’ve got movers for the job, being prepared for the big day is important! Label your boxes to help with which rooms boxes will be traveling to and check your inventory, so you don’t lose anything on the way. Utilize luggage as a “box” and save some space! Pick the right transportation, more than one trip on long distance moves can be exhausting. Treat your movers with a cold drink, friends and neighbors included! Happy Moving!