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Josh McBroom has gained much experience in the financial industry over the years, going from an automotive loan officer, to commercial insurance salesman, and to a finance and insurance executive. Josh joined Flat Branch Home Loans in September of 2017 and is eager to help homeowners in their home loan journey. When Josh was an automotive loan officer, he had the opportunity to assist families with the purchase of their car and securing the best car loan for their financial situation. He always talked about how the car loan is the second or third largest purchase they will make in their lifetimes, with the home loan purchase being the largest. He also sold on the sales floor at the dealership and learned to work directly with customers by listening to their needs and helping them select the right vehicle. Josh also had experience in selling insurance to businesses, which involved in-depth research into the company's exposures and making sure they had the coverage to minimize their risk while still being competitive in his pricing to earn their business. Lastly, since 2013, Josh has been selling new homes. He has been able to assist buyers in deciding to build or purchase based on their financials situation and familial needs. His goal is always to minimize the stress of the homebuying process. In regards to clients, he enjoys working with rural development. He gets a good mix of first-time homebuyers and experienced homebuyers in this program. In our market of SW Missouri, he has a lot of opportunity to work with rural development clients since the demographic is hardworking, rural folks. His clients have told him how much they appreciate him slowing down at the front end of their discussion to listen to their needs and to advise them based on their situation. Being known as a trusted advisor, not a salesperson, is his goal. With family is definitely where he spends most of his time. He and his wife, Sheena, have a son who occupies their attention with church, school and sporting events. They also love traveling as a family to national parks, beaches and other countries.

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