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Kyle Sebus was born and raised in Kansas City. Kyle has been in the financial industry and originating loans since 2004. After working with many clients, he’s found that service and education are the two main points that he focuses on with his clients. He’s always eager to serve them in any way possible and educate them on the home loan process as they purchase their new home. Kyle loves working with first-time homebuyers, but he finds that experienced homebuyers are just as rewarding. The mortgage industry is changing all the time, so there’s always new experiences. Kyle’s clients would say that he is incredibly knowledgeable, loves what he does, and that he gets the job done! When Kyle’s not at work, he loves hanging out with his kids, playing soccer, watching sports and comedies, and dancing with his wife. Working one-on-one with a local, experienced loan officer backed by knowledgeable staff handling your loan from start to finish is so important. In-house processing and underwriting allows Kyle to better serve clients and help to make the process as smooth as possible. Kyle looks forward to giving each and every one of his clients the best experience during the purchase of their new home!

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